Inspiration book for inner peace

Seven steps to peace in yourself

A book that:

  • introduces peace as a quality that you have naturally, a an inner power that you can consciously use and as an inner richness that you can always fall back on.

  • describes the 7 steps to peace in a practical way and inspires and activates you to do something with it yourself. As a result, peace comes to life ...

  • appeals to your creativity and creative power to get more out of your life.

The Inspiration Book for Inner Peace was written by Marie-Lisette Derks and released in 2019. Peace is back in the spotlight as we celebrate 75 years of freedom and the 75th anniversary of the UN this year!

The inspiration book for inner peace came about - partly through Peace in the Park and the collaboration with Just Peace - as an in-depth book. To make peace as a theme more concrete, comprehensible and lively… to make peace, personally and collectively, even more part of our society. The meaning of inner peace is simply and concisely summarized in the booklet in all kinds of aspects: peace as peace in your own head, peace as the basis from which you live together, peace as a personal experience, on which you can fall back on difficult moments and in troubled times. Peace… closeby… as something of your own.

Experiences of readers

Vacation turned out to be the perfect time to read the inspiration book for inner peace. What a beautiful booklet with the different steps and stories! Very nice to read.

So clear, exactly! Also moving and above all reassuring !! Recognizable even when I am not connected to myself. When I read I got more in touch with myself. It calmed me down on the spot.

The words are like gems… beautiful, loaded with love and peace… unctuous to the soul !!

The text is beautifully worded, especially the introduction. It contains beautiful impulses and assignments, with powerful and practical exercises and it is written in a fascinating way.

Little gem ... the booklet 'Peace'!

Also take a look at the page 'workshops' as a possible addition and in combination with the Inspiration book for inner peace