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Peace in the Park Foundation - The Hague

"A society where peace lives visibly in people. Peace as a universal power regardless of religion, culture or origin. Peace as an inner dimension that brings you closer to yourself and your fellow human beings. This is the vision of the Peace in the Park Foundation and this vision has been translated into a central message, which reads: "Everyone wants peace. You too can do something with peace, in yourself and in your surroundings. Discover what you can do as a first small step and share it with others. In all programmes and in cooperation with others, this vision and the central message are the starting point. The programmes provide inspiration to reflect on one's own personal relationship with peace and to actively do something about it. The feeling of peace is strengthened where reflection, relaxation and joy are paramount, both as a basis and a consequence of connecting with your own peace.

Many people say they are looking for inner peace. The English word "peace" means not only peace but also tranquillity, calm, contentment and harmony. Everyone has peace within them, but often they have lost the connection to it. You can practice to bring it back up in yourself... To experience that peace within, almost nobody knows. Given the current developments with crises that are clearly visible in our society, there is a growing need for insights and practical tools when it comes to inner peace. To be able to remain 'at peace' in the midst of all those events and changes and to be more and more at peace with what is happening.

Inspiratieboek voor innerlijke vrede

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